18th Annual ISAP exhibition.

"Capsaicin Addict" was juried into the 18th Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition (click the link to see the show) in Paso Robles, California. It was an honor to be selected for this show as there where a number of fantastic paintings in this show. As a bonus, I fulfilled the requirements to become a signature member of the organization, which will allow me a few more exhibition opportunities.

New and Improved Website

My old website was hosted by Yahoo. It was cumbersome and difficult to update. The page layout was outdated and wasn't mobile device friendly. I've been thinking about finding a new company to host my website. I found Squarespace through Neil deGrasse Tyson's podcast "Star Talk". I had heard the advertisements for a while now but it wasn't until my friend Charles Walls updated his website using Squarespace that I decided to make the leap myself. I can't say enough good praises for Squarespace. So far it has been easy to use and many times easier to update.

One new addition to my website that is worthy to note is a page titled "Painting Process". I have been doing some time lapse videos of my paintings and posting them to Youtube. Squarespace made embedding the videos into my own website an easy process.